Engineering Services

Drawing on 20 years of experience in research within the INSERM U930 laboratory – Francois Rabelais University, Tours, the RheaWave team puts this expertise and know-how in material acoustic characterization at our customer’s service.


Customized Measuring Services

According to your needs, RheaWave offers a wide range of measurement solutions for:

- Mechanically characterizing a medium in standard ultrasonic spectroscopy,

- Detecting the presence of micro-inhomogeneity (micro-cracks, micro-bubbles, micro-damage) thanks to the patented DAET technology,

- Monitoring the evolution of the product texture during a transformation (polymerization, compaction, foaming …).


Dedicated Measurement Studies

RheaWave proposes to accompany customers to implement the whole solution (hardware and software) inside their company.